Born 1984, West Sahara


Languages: French, Arabic, German 


Alarabi has developed two distinct projects within Talent S p a c e. In the “Umbrella Armchair” project, he upcycled inexpensive pallet wood and transformed them into comfortable outdoor and indoor furniture. In the currently running “Mobile Workshop” project, Alarabi develops a protoype of a mobile carpenter workstation, which answers the need of migrant craftsmen deprived from access to their usual setup.

Back home in Westsahara, Alarabi worked for many years in his family business of carpentry and stonemasonry. These years form the basis for his experience in handcraft and with materials he worked with. Here in Vienna as a cultural center in order to learn and to be inspired on design at the intersection of design, activism, art and craft; he has been networking very strongly in Vienna and applies his skills as part of several civic initiatives (Verein Einander, Open Marx), helping with exhibition setups.



Born 1977 in Damaskus, Syria

Arabic literature scholar, illustrator

Languages: Deutsch, Arabisch, Englisch


Ali wrote several stories for Talent S p a c e and contributes an ongoing series of illustrations. Already in Syria he ran a blog on illustrations and contributed short stories to magazines. Aiming to write a story in German, he is interested in crafting stories and illustrations for children's books and searches for influences and developing his style. Back in Syria, Ali studied for two years at the Mujeeb Dawoud Center for performing arts. The last years of his time at university he became interested in dramaturgy, learning how to create stories for books and movies. Ali has not finished his studies and uses the reorientation necessary here in Austria to focus his current work lies in acquiring the necessary skills of narration needed in addition to imagination and creativity.




Born 1976 in Qorwaley in Somalia

Languages English, German


Yusuf worked as a miner and left Somalia heading for Europe in 2006. His journey took him trough Turkey, Greece, Italy and Swiss. Since he arrived in Austria, Yusuf Said Haibei has been a member of several refugee initiatives ( Refugee Camp Vienna,Green Light initiative) and was involved in the production of several movies. Yusuf is one of the driving forces behind the Movie Project "Save Life" connecting it with vienna`s lively refugee scene and bringing in the experiences and testimonies of many people actually made the journey adressed in the movie.




Born 1977, Austria

BA in Advertising and Brand Management

Languages: English, German, Spanish, Romanian


Andy and Kelvin Osazuwa are creating a mobile application at Talent Space, that can help people to gain justice after having faced harassment or physical abuse. Working for a long time as a freelancer copywriter and having just recently finished his studies in Advertising and Brand Management at Staffordshire University, Andy strives to put his skills at work. He is convinced that morality and justice are essential parts of our society we all have to work for in order to be kept up. Working at Talent S p a c e offers him the possibility to gain more intercultural understanding and getting in touch with different minds from all over the world. 







Born 1988 in Tehran, Iran

Stage designer and photographer

Languages  Persian, English, German


Parisa studied Stage and Make-up Art at the Faculty of Arts in Tehran. She managed her own gallery as a portrait photographer, showing  her photographs and later on her paintings.  As a young artist, she participated in various projects, like the production of music clips as well as the clip cutting. She was a member of a stage design group for several congresses in Tehran.  In the last four years she was an assistant director of stage scenography. For Talent S p a c e  Parisa is developing series of textil portraits, that reflect her cultural heritage in the context of her new cultural environment.




Born 1986 in Nigeria

Building Contractor

Languages English, Edo



Based on Kelvins experiences during his refugee journey from Africa he is working on an Witness App for Talent S p a c e. This App will give refugees the opportunity to document actions of injustice an pass it on to Organizations that can help. The App is also supposed to provide a crowdsourced network of support for refugees.

Andy Farago, member of Talent S p a c e Team is working with Kelvin.



Born 1993 in Pancevo Serbia, 

Student of Academy of applied arts Vienna

Languages  English, Serbo-Croatian, Dutch


Lazar is part of both the Cross Cultural Storytelling project and the Collaborative painting workshop realized within Talent S p a c e. In his work, Lazar draws from two distinct sources: visual arts as a practice and the humanities – literature, political theory while looking into ways these two can meet and without mixing up their respective qualities. He has designed several illustrations to accompany other story projects.and crafted a short narrative in relation to the Prison Break story, originally conceived by Ali Ayzouki. It’s planned to develop this narrative into an audiorecording. Lazar is currently enrolled at the Academy of fine arts Vienna and specializes in painting while also being active in sculpture, product design and illustrating. Currently he is also pursuing an autodidactic education in carpentry. In his free pastime, Lazar is involved in the writing of articles and essays regarding various topics of current affairs.




Born 1990 in Iran

Bachelor of graphic design

at Werbeakademie Wien

Languages: Persian, English


Nader was born in Iran and finished his bachelor studies of graphic design at the Werbeakademie Wien in 2017. Before that he worked in his country as a successful self employed cartoonist and illustrator. For Talent S p a c e he created the cartoon Prison Break after the story of writer Ali Ayzouki, another Talent of our team.